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It’s Time To Celebrate

Summertime in Australia. The sun is shining, the rain clouds have gone and its vacation time for those of you going to school or university. Indeed, this is enough reason to celebrate life right now! So bring out the bbq, call all your friends, play some loud music and celebrate!

Depending on what sort of do you wish to have, whether it is big or small, or whether it will be on a hilltop, in a park or on the beach, the first thing that you need to find out is what type of party venues are out there for you to choose from.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this is our specialty for those who wish to have a fun gathering of people in this great and grand city. It is no secret to anybody who lives here that there are a multitude of lovely places where you could have the perfect fun day with your friends in this city. And we’re here to help you zero in on the one that is just perfect for your purpose. 

This is not all that we offer. While helping you pick out the best out of all available party venues in Melbourne, we will then help you in planning the perfect celebration. Depending on the occasion, be it a casual bbq or a fancy dress ball where the guest list includes your class from university, we will help you in putting together a theme, along with all the trimmings that would make the theme come to life. We will help you in selecting the best and most appropriate caterer for the job to ensure that you and your guest enjoy the best fare of food and drink that there is!

Going a step further, we will help you in putting together a great set of activities for your guests. Whether you wish to have an interactive evening with fun and games thrown in with fabulous prizes for winners, or whether you simply want to have some fabulous music playing, dished out by a talented dj and want to dance the night away, we will help you in finding the right set up no matter what plans you have in mind.

Fill out the inquiry form in our website today and let’s get the ball rolling on getting the perfect celebration to go from thought and idea to a full-fledged, fun filled event! Based on your needs, we will first decide on the perfect location for the events, and from there onwards, let’s fill in the missing pieces and make this an event to remember.

Choosing The Easiest Party Decoration

Planning an event can be time consuming and stressful. For most people organizing the decoration of the event perfectly can cause worry, stress and sleepless nights. Balloons have become an essential part for any type of parties or occasions such as weddings, graduation, baby showers, birthday celebrations and many more other events. Balloons are a main mode of decoration in the party industry. Balloons are a great and easy way to decorate any type of occasions. It also adds a visual interest to the event.

There are endless ways in decorating an event with balloons. The basic purpose people use balloons in their event is to decorate the place easily. Balloons add colour to an event. There are many ways in which balloons can be used as a decoration. Balloon decorations in Brisbane are inexpensive and easy to use at any type of events.

Balloon decorations help create and encourage a party and fun filled atmosphere in events.

These balloons can be used for different decoration purposes such as to create an archway for the entrance of the party for guests to walk through, a simple centrepiece, balloons floating on the ceiling, balloons used as a backdrop, or used at the entrance of the party house for identification purpose, etc. 

There are several types of balloons available in the market today. However, the two main kinds of balloons are the latex balloon and the Mylar type balloon. The latex balloon is the more traditional balloon used in many types of events and are available everywhere. These balloons are manufactured out of thin latex rubber. The other main type of balloon is Mylar. Mylar is made out of thin flexible polyester material. Latex balloons are generally round in shape and come in different variety of colours. Mylar balloons are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And these Mylar balloons have a shiny colour and decorative graphic pictures printed on it. Latex balloons can be filled and expanded into a round shape with different type of gases whereas Mylar balloons are mostly filled with helium.

Balloons can be found nowadays in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Using balloons as a decorative piece can be easy because of these reasons. People can now choose the balloon size according to their event and can create different decoration pieces for the event. Also depending on the event’s theme people can now select the colour of the balloons accordingly. Balloons are seen as a universal method in decorating an event or a party. No matter what type of an event or occasion people are celebrating, balloons have become a main type of decorative item for the party.

Planning Your Wedding Photography


A wedding day is considered to be the most hectic for the bride and the groom. However, it is an occasion for just the two, but these are the most tied up on this day. There are various moments that have to be captured on this day itself. It is like one shot and one take. The espousal day can basically be divided into three parts:

• The morning: when the bride would be dressing up for the church and group shots with the bridesmaid and groomsmen.
• The afternoon: the time for the auspicious ceremony and the most important shots.
• The evening: the most gala time of the event, where casual shots can be taken.

Other than these instances, you can definitely opt for a newly innovated idea of the overseas pre wedding photographer, to turn it into an exclusive one. This is a recent trend in which the bride and the groom can have a separate photo session. The couple is made to pose very romantically and very natural shots are taken. Basically, this type of photography is done few days or a few months in advance.

Moving out of the box
Many opt for destination photography which can be some most romantic spots within the country or can even be some abroad spots. Couples are now seen to opt for overseas pre wedding photographer for their fairytale photography. Some stunning places either on boat or beaches or on some romantic plans are generally opted for. The choosing of the venue is absolutely on the couple. As in which thematic background they want. It can be any tropical paradise like Hawaii, Bali or starches of the Caribbean Islands. Some may look for exotic sceneries of Europe. While some may try out being historic on the mausoleums of Rome or laid down the streets of Greece. Locations like Prague, Vienna, Venice and Budapest are also chosen. It is ideally recommended to discuss it with the service providers before you book a venue.

Procedures of such shoot
For this fairytale shoot, the couples basically dress by a designer that the photographer himself carries. Dresses are generally hired and they are decked up according to the background lanes.

Pocket news
This personalized photography is generally of a higher estimate and you need to be really careful about choosing each action. You choose the places and the photographer you carry for some most precious moments to be captured should be well researched. The prices also need to be well judged as it includes flight fairs and staying costs. You can definitely opt for packages as that could give you an idea of the entire transaction. Well, research and connections can save your pocket in the end.


A Checklist For Brides And Grooms

Planning a wedding can be considered as one of the most tedious things that you have to do. With the rapid growth of the wedding industry planning a wedding requires a lot of attention to detail. The wedding industry is one of the most competitive and most profitable industries. This is because many people spend excessive amounts of money on planning weddings. As time has passed, the image of a wedding also has changed rapidly. Years ago planning a wedding was no different than planning an ordinary party. But now there is immense pressure on the bride and the groom to create the perfect wedding. Because of this need, couples go to great extents to create the best possible day out of their wedding.

If you are planning a wedding there are some important things you need to pay attention to. One such thing is the location. The location of your wedding is equally important as any other aspect of the wedding. A beautiful location complements the wedding photography and the wedding décor as well. You need to consider the theme of the wedding when you select a location. Once you find the best location then you need to find the best photographer. If you find a professional photographer you can receive wedding photo booth hire services from them as well. If you can hire professional photographers who are specialized in wedding photography then you can surely be benefited through their exceptional services. 

The wedding is only going to be for one day. Whether you spend excessive amounts of money on the wedding or not still it is all going to be over in one day. But the photos are the only thing that is going to last forever. Therefore it is important that you hire a good photographer who will use his skills to capture beautiful photos of the occasion that would last a lifetime. If you want to make the wedding more interesting you can find a wedding photo booth hire service who would offer a photo booth for an affordable price. This will enable your guests to have fun during your wedding and to create memorable moments by using the photo booth.

Decorations are also an important aspect of the wedding. Therefore you need to be thoughtful when you select a florist and a decorator. Before you hire them it will be advisable to see their previous work as well. Do make time to check their client feedback before you hire them. This will give you an idea about their skills and capabilities as a decorator so that you can hire the most ideal one for your wedding.

4 Things You Must Know about Invitations for your Special Day


You might be looking at creative wedding invitations for your special day. There are so many out there for you to pick and choose from too. You must make sure that you know all the ins and outs of actually writing a great invitation. Keep in mind to check out on the companies which will print good cards for an affordable price. Here are five tips on wedding cards for you to know about:

Check on the quantity

Always check on as to how much the company is willing to print out for you. You do not necessarily have to order a single invitation for each and every person on your guest list. Some might live in one house or in one area then you might simply need to only send one card. Make sure to include the names of the wedding celebrants in Byron Bay too. Always make sure that you do end up looking at the total quantity so that you do not end up printing way less than what you need.

Include the price

Try to ask for the price of the invitations so that you know exactly how much you must print. Some people think when the word custom is included that it is out of their price range. It really isn’t if they manage to find a wedding invitation maker who is willing to give them a good discount. If you get a customized one it will look much better than buying mass invites for everyone too. If you are looking at designer invitations do keep in mind that these designers will never replicate another person’s designs too. Show something you like and get them to create something unique for you.

Always proofread

Make sure that you always proofread all the details of the invitations out. You must make sure that you are not making any mistakes as you are going along. Always read and check out the spelling of the chosen wedding celebrants and your family members too. Make sure that you proofread everything which is being sent to you too.


Always remember what you have to finish and do not forget anything and leave anything behind too. If an invitation is not going to take its usual time frame then you might need to visit a post office for more details. Make sure you weigh everything beforehand. Do not forget you will need stamps in order to send out the RSVPS too.

Remember that you must always plan your wedding card invites well too. Make sure you get help from your family and friends on the tasks too.

Questions You Need To Ask While Hiring A Planner For Your Wedding

Are you planning to hire a wedding planning expert? Have you shortlisted some names? Are you in the process of finalising the right one but are confused to select the same?

Well, to ease and simplify your search of a wedding planner you can make a list of some questions that you can ask the person/s. Upon getting satisfactory answers, you can decide and hire your planner.

You may question about asking questions to the wedding planner. But it is essential to be cleared of all queries and then hire an expert to plan your wedding. After all, you cannot take any risk with your wedding and a planner plays a major role in planning your wedding and making it highly enjoyable and memorable.

Here are a few questions which you can ask a planner before hiring. Also, here are the reasons, to ask the questions, discussed with the questions: 

How long have you been in this job? This is one of the major things to know. The working tenure of the professional is related with the experience, skills, expertise and rate, in many cases, of the professional. Hence it is one of the important questions that you should ask the professional before you hire the same. If the planner says he is working for a few months, like 4-5 months, or one year, you can get an estimate that his experience is limited however he or she is experienced than a newcomer. You can expect that much work from him that is better than a new comer but may not excel a more experienced one. On the other hand, if the planner is well experienced or have more than 2-3 years of experience, you can expect that he or she will arrange for a wedding that is free of flaw.

How far can you help me/us in planning our wedding? This is another important question you can ask to the planner. This will help you get an idea of the skilful handling of the planner as well as his role in simplifying your wedding making you sleep at your peace of mind. If the planner says that he or she will take care of every aspect of your wedding – from styling to hiring – then you can go ahead and make the deal final with the same person.

How much do you charge? Are there any extra charges for other services that you are providing with planning of wedding? Price is a major factor of any business and hiring a stylist for your wedding is not an exception at all. You should know that you are paying right and not more than the average price of the market. Also, you should make sure that there if are any extra charges of the other services they are offering in a single package.

Starting Up An Event Management Company

If you have the right contacts and the experience, starting up an event Management Company is a great way to earn money and have fun simultaneously. Event management requires patience, attention to detail and of course punctuality. Most big companies have events every so often and do not have in house staff that can handle the events for them and therefore choose to outsource their event management requirements. With even managements, there are many ways to earn money. There are the things needed for a basic event such as backdrops, stages, sound and lighting that you will be able to organize for your client with an added mark up and there are your event management and coordination services where you will be able to charge a significant amount of money, check this great translation agency.

Preparation for your company
With an event management company you will be many things in one. You will be a wedding planner, a conference organizer company, an entertainment supplier and of course a sound and light supplier. All of these aspects will require a different set of skills. You may either opt to do all of them yourself or you may hire different staff to hire different aspects. For example, you may have an in house wedding planner who will be able to handle all wedding inquires you have and so forth.

As a conference organizer company in HK however you will need a different set of skills entirely. Conferences are not the same as weddings and product launches which depend a lot of the entertainment and glamour of the event. A conference is a somewhat boring event which is similar to a big meeting where all you will need to do is organize is the venue for the event and the food to be provided.

Some companies will require you to handle the conference in detail. That is, to plan out who speaks first and who goes on stage at what time. For this you will need to have a very close relationship with the company and work very closely with them as you are not likely to have too much knowledge about their internal affairs.

Wedding planning
Organising a wedding is one of the best and most fun jobs you will have as an event planner if you choose not to hire an external event planner. You will need to help the bride with every detail for the wedding including choosing her perfect gown and getting her the best prices in town. Remember, this is the most important day of the brides’ life, and she has placed the responsibility of planning that day in your hands.

Entertainment Is An Important Part In A Wedding Celebration

Getting married is a wonderful experience in a person life. And providing some sort of musical entertainment for your guest is important. At any weddings, music is an essential component in making the wedding a memorable day. Music is the heart and soul for a wedding ceremony and reception; it can make or break a wedding celebration that is the entertainment can keep people on the dance floor or make them grimace and scowl in pain.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a wedding band or hiring a wedding DJ. The factors you need to see when selecting the type of entertainment is the budget, personal taste, demographic of the guests, space allocated at the venue and so on.

Below are some of the benefits to consider when choosing a wedding band or hiring a wedding DJ

• Vibe of the wedding- couples need to sit and select the right genre of music needed for their wedding. This type of music will set not only set the tone and atmosphere but also make it a theme of the wedding. The music selected will also create the ambience and reflect your personalities. This will allow you to choose whether a live band is better than a DJ.

• Variety of the music – as couples if your choices of music are different you can sit and check the selections you want the band or DJ to play. If you want to play fast or slow songs or new and old songs to get your guest in to the dance floor selecting a DJ might be better sometimes than a live band.

• Entertainment budget – depending on the budget you are willing to spend for your wedding entertainment you can choose a live band or a wedding DJ. Hiring a wedding DJ is less costly and also the price may change according to the equipment selected and needed at the wedding like lighting etc. Where as a band is more expensive than a wedding DJ. It will also depend on the number of songs and time you need to pay. They are generally expensive because of so many members in a band where as DJ is a one person show.

• Space allocation – always check the space available or you need for your entertainment especially if it is an indoor wedding. The space should have enough room to keep the equipment and to perform also. If the space limitation is less then choosing a wedding DJ can be the best idea since a band needs space for all its members and space to move around their equipment.

Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe

Babies are fragile and vulnerable creatures. They are dependent on their parents for every single need and require help for the most basic of things. They can be easily hurt since they do now know or can take care of themselves. This is why you need to ensure that the newborn is safe at all times. Listed below are some safety tips that you can make use of.

The Food
Make sure that what you feed the newborn is totally safe and healthy. Usually, babies are supposed to be breastfed at least up until six months after birth. After that, make sure that you feed only what is prescribed by your doctor. Although he/she is a newborn, the child might have already developed certain allergies. Therefore, be careful. Keep your hands and yourself clean when preparing the food.

In terms of clothes, your first concern should be the napkins. Some babies tend to develop allergies and get rashes when they wear certain types of napkins. This happens mainly because they are highly uncomfortable with the napkin material. So, if you see your newborn being uncomfortable whenever he/she wears the napkin, make sure to change the brand immediately. Moreover, babies can develop chills quite easily when they stay wet even for a short time. So, make sure to change the napkins often. You also need to ensure the baby accessories online you put on the child are not too heavy or uncomfortable.

Most people do not know how to hold babies. This is because they informed of all the wrong positions. You must always hold the baby from the head and should never leave it hanging. Make sure that the baby is held softly. Just because the newborn is precious, it does not mean that you have to squeeze him/her. Moreover, make sure that the kids playhouse Australia do not act as hindrance when carrying the baby around.

Make sure that you ensure that the newborn is absolutely safe when travelling. You have to use a pram at all times. For instance, when travelling you car, you must not just place the newborn on the backseat with the seatbelt. Make sure that he/she is safely placed on the pram. Moreover, it is best to avoid long journeys when you are with a newborn since they can be uncomfortable with long distance travel. Speak to some who has experience or hire a nanny. Do not do the job halfway and act like irresponsible parents.

How Can Skilled Caterers Lead To The Success Of Your Party?

Parties keep taking place all the time and everywhere because these days people wish to celebrate every little occasion that they come across. Well, it is also a window to know and come across a lot of people. With parties people tend to expand their connections with more and more people around.

If you to wish to host a special party for an equally special occasion, you sure would definitely want to make it a successful one. This is why it is advised to hire party catering services so that every little thing is managed in the best of way. What is a social gathering without delectable food, entertainment, chairs, table and proper dinks?

Be it any kind of celebration, birthday parties, baby shower, wedding or farewell parties, party catering companies are there to prepare, manage and preset everything in the most delightful way. Party caterers are experienced in this field and know they work very well. In fact, if even your budget is not high, they prepare a reasonably good package for all kinds of people and come about with an outstanding occasion, making it in deed a successful one.

With these catering companies taking charge of the food and decoration section (in most cases) you do not have to tad bit worry about the food, except when you want your guests to appreciate and savor the food that is prepared by you. Also they take over responsibility of the wine and refreshment section. You must not seen worry about the decoration, balloons, desert, entertainment part, as all of it is well managed by the caterers.

These days you can also come across skilled party caterers who will be ready to provide you with flexible packages ensuring that your party is an outstanding, complete and a very exciting one. You can find them as per your budget and there is nothing much to worry about this point.

Yet there are a few things you need to mark before you contact a catering company. You need to first headcount the number of guests who will be attending your party. You should also make a rough estimate of the number of guests that you feel might bring additional people along with them so that your caterers will be ready with right amount of food and other essential amenities, and that it does not fall short.

Second make sure that you select food properly and keep varieties to select from, before your guests. Tell your caterer beforehand about the kind of party that you will host so that they provide you with the right set of food items for selection. They have a good number of ideas in hand and as per the mood and kind of party hosted, will they provide guests with scrumptious food.

Things To Consider When You Are Looking For A Good Wedding Venue?




The first impressions and feelings that you have, once you enter the venue of your wedding ceremony is a wonderful experience. Planning marriage functions are really complicated. If the work weren’t done with enough time then, you would not be able to enjoy the day. Therefore, it’s very important to discuss, delegate and reconfirm all the arrangements a week before the ceremony. Avoid waiting until the last moment and plan it months or at least a year ahead.

Then you would not have to be stressed out and you could have a wonderful ceremony and reception. A major planning and organizing in the marriage ceremony checklist is deciding the venue. If you and your family are planning the whole function on your own, you might need some tips and pointers. Here are some features that you should consider when you are looking for a venue:

• Do you want an extravagant and grand or elegant and simple ceremony?

There are many wedding venues Perth for you to choose such as hotels, beach, etc. Therefore, before jumping in and agreeing with the first choice, think well about it. In what scale do you intend to celebrate your marriage? Do they have enough space to accommodate many guests? Once, you’ve taken these into consideration then, you will be able to decide the best option.

• Is your budget huge enough to fund the marriage reception?

You also have to bear in mind if you can spend a lot of money on that venue such as a hotel or banquet hall. Draw a realistic limit that will not lead to financial struggles in the future. Depending on how many guests you plan to invite, you have to incur other expenses as well. Circle of Love has romantic reception venues that can be set up according to your wedding theme and budget. 

• What are the services provided by these venues?

If you were looking for wedding venues Perth then it would be a good thing to check what kind of services they offer. For instances there are number of features such as the following:

– Area for arranging a large buffet
– Dance floor enough for a large crowd to be dancing at the same time
– Provide tables and chairs
– Do they have waiters and plates and cutlery for the function

• Do they offer catering services?

You should also consider the catering services provided by them. Guests and other well wishers aren’t going to leave with an empty stomach. If the food and beverages aren’t great then they aren’t going to enjoy the evening. Therefore, check if they provide this service and taste food samples to confirm the menu.

• How soon should you book the hall?

For instance you can book a hotel even a year prior to the date of the ceremony. While other places don’t allow it, hence, you should contact and ask the admin. They will be able to clarify all the other details that you wish to inquire.

With these tips, you would be able to find a really good venue for an amazing and unforgettable wedding.