Committing To A Lifetime – What’s It About?

You might have heard of a commitment ceremony – it is basically quite similar to a wedding ceremony, with the only difference being that it lacks the official registration of the marriage. Whilst this difference might sound disappointing, a commitment ceremony is a great way to express your fidelity to your partner and to show the rest of the world your commitment. Below are a few tips to plan one successfully:

  • The budget –, just like your average weddings, are costly affairs. And just like the weddings, you can definitely expect for trouble to brew and add onto the list of your unexpected costs, which is why you should always have a reserve store of about ten to thirty percent of your budget (or you can add more to your budget) for these unexpected events. The other point that would be wise to keep in mind is to properly divide your budget so that you will have money for everything you are planning to do (for example, you set apart around a half of the budget for the reception, etc.).
  • The date – when planning dates for ceremonies, it is important to take into account two main points: the first is avoiding the holiday seasons, such as the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, the Easter celebrations, the Thanksgiving celebrations, etc. because you can count both on people to be busy with their family plans (and thereby unable to attend your ceremony) and for the travel tickets to be quite expensive; the second is avoiding the winter months or monsoon seasons if your area suffers from bad weather in these particular months.
  • The location – you can go with romantic Perth ideas or you can go with any location in your mind, maybe a specific date spot or venue that holds precious memories for the both of you. It would be a good idea to not choose too desolate a spot – you want your other guests to be able to attend to, so stick to areas that are somewhat well-known. Whilst Australia did recently agree to same-sex marriages, the law is not yet finalized, and this means that you will have to make sure that the location is gay-friendly. Call or visit the location and make sure to ask this: it might be upsetting, but it has to be done. Alternatively, you can search for venues that are explicitly gay-friendly (that is, they advertise so in their brochures or on their social media and websites).
  • The invitations – once you have decided on a date and a venue, the first thing you should be doing is sending out invitations. To this end, you will have to decide on a guest list first, so make sure that you and your partner pick out who should be attending the ceremony. It is a good idea to send the invitations at least four to three months in advance to let people save the date. For more information, please click here.