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Questions You Need To Ask While Hiring A Planner For Your Wedding

Are you planning to hire a wedding planning expert? Have you shortlisted some names? Are you in the process of finalising the right one but are confused to select the same?

Well, to ease and simplify your search of a wedding planner you can make a list of some questions that you can ask the person/s. Upon getting satisfactory answers, you can decide and hire your planner.

You may question about asking questions to the wedding planner. But it is essential to be cleared of all queries and then hire an expert to plan your wedding. After all, you cannot take any risk with your wedding and a planner plays a major role in planning your wedding and making it highly enjoyable and memorable.

Here are a few questions which you can ask a planner before hiring. Also, here are the reasons, to ask the questions, discussed with the questions: 

How long have you been in this job? This is one of the major things to know. The working tenure of the professional is related with the experience, skills, expertise and rate, in many cases, of the professional. Hence it is one of the important questions that you should ask the professional before you hire the same. If the planner says he is working for a few months, like 4-5 months, or one year, you can get an estimate that his experience is limited however he or she is experienced than a newcomer. You can expect that much work from him that is better than a new comer but may not excel a more experienced one. On the other hand, if the planner is well experienced or have more than 2-3 years of experience, you can expect that he or she will arrange for a wedding that is free of flaw.

How far can you help me/us in planning our wedding? This is another important question you can ask to the planner. This will help you get an idea of the skilful handling of the planner as well as his role in simplifying your wedding making you sleep at your peace of mind. If the planner says that he or she will take care of every aspect of your wedding – from styling to hiring – then you can go ahead and make the deal final with the same person.

How much do you charge? Are there any extra charges for other services that you are providing with planning of wedding? Price is a major factor of any business and hiring a stylist for your wedding is not an exception at all. You should know that you are paying right and not more than the average price of the market. Also, you should make sure that there if are any extra charges of the other services they are offering in a single package.

Starting Up An Event Management Company

If you have the right contacts and the experience, starting up an event Management Company is a great way to earn money and have fun simultaneously. Event management requires patience, attention to detail and of course punctuality. Most big companies have events every so often and do not have in house staff that can handle the events for them and therefore choose to outsource their event management requirements. With even managements, there are many ways to earn money. There are the things needed for a basic event such as backdrops, stages, sound and lighting that you will be able to organize for your client with an added mark up and there are your event management and coordination services where you will be able to charge a significant amount of money, check this great translation agency.

Preparation for your company
With an event management company you will be many things in one. You will be a wedding planner, a conference organizer company, an entertainment supplier and of course a sound and light supplier. All of these aspects will require a different set of skills. You may either opt to do all of them yourself or you may hire different staff to hire different aspects. For example, you may have an in house wedding planner who will be able to handle all wedding inquires you have and so forth.

As a conference organizer company in HK however you will need a different set of skills entirely. Conferences are not the same as weddings and product launches which depend a lot of the entertainment and glamour of the event. A conference is a somewhat boring event which is similar to a big meeting where all you will need to do is organize is the venue for the event and the food to be provided.

Some companies will require you to handle the conference in detail. That is, to plan out who speaks first and who goes on stage at what time. For this you will need to have a very close relationship with the company and work very closely with them as you are not likely to have too much knowledge about their internal affairs.

Wedding planning
Organising a wedding is one of the best and most fun jobs you will have as an event planner if you choose not to hire an external event planner. You will need to help the bride with every detail for the wedding including choosing her perfect gown and getting her the best prices in town. Remember, this is the most important day of the brides’ life, and she has placed the responsibility of planning that day in your hands.

Entertainment Is An Important Part In A Wedding Celebration

Getting married is a wonderful experience in a person life. And providing some sort of musical entertainment for your guest is important. At any weddings, music is an essential component in making the wedding a memorable day. Music is the heart and soul for a wedding ceremony and reception; it can make or break a wedding celebration that is the entertainment can keep people on the dance floor or make them grimace and scowl in pain.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a wedding band or hiring a wedding DJ. The factors you need to see when selecting the type of entertainment is the budget, personal taste, demographic of the guests, space allocated at the venue and so on.

Below are some of the benefits to consider when choosing a wedding band or hiring a wedding DJ

• Vibe of the wedding- couples need to sit and select the right genre of music needed for their wedding. This type of music will set not only set the tone and atmosphere but also make it a theme of the wedding. The music selected will also create the ambience and reflect your personalities. This will allow you to choose whether a live band is better than a DJ.

• Variety of the music – as couples if your choices of music are different you can sit and check the selections you want the band or DJ to play. If you want to play fast or slow songs or new and old songs to get your guest in to the dance floor selecting a DJ might be better sometimes than a live band.

• Entertainment budget – depending on the budget you are willing to spend for your wedding entertainment you can choose a live band or a wedding DJ. Hiring a wedding DJ is less costly and also the price may change according to the equipment selected and needed at the wedding like lighting etc. Where as a band is more expensive than a wedding DJ. It will also depend on the number of songs and time you need to pay. They are generally expensive because of so many members in a band where as DJ is a one person show.

• Space allocation – always check the space available or you need for your entertainment especially if it is an indoor wedding. The space should have enough room to keep the equipment and to perform also. If the space limitation is less then choosing a wedding DJ can be the best idea since a band needs space for all its members and space to move around their equipment.